"Book Keeping 101" Kari's Perspective On Entrepreneurship

"Book Keeping 101" Kari's Perspective On Entrepreneurship

"Book Keeping 101." I think that was a required class in high school back in 1961. Yes, I did get a passing grade, but putting it into use was another problem.

"Debit is towards the window and Credit is toward the radiator." How is this going to work into a useful general ledger?  (No computers or programs to purchase back then).

Luckily, I found a job that I could learn from. I became Borough’s bookkeeping machine operator. Right, you’ve never heard of it. Motorcycles and grain cars should work the same right?

Then the magic of Apple computers showed up on my doorstep. Of course, it was a water-damaged one acquired through an insurance auction, but hey, it worked. Life became a lot easier in the bookkeeping department.

Old Apple Computer

One shop, two shops, then three shops. Computers helped as much as the trucks, trailers, and skid loaders in building the business.

Nowadays, with the internet, email and messaging, the bookkeeping can be accomplished at any location.

In 1978, I parked my “business” wardrobe and put on jeans & t-shirts every day.  The refreshing honesty of loyal customers has been the real secret to our longevity. Almost every day, a familiar face comes through the door with a story of “remember when.” We have sold bikes to three generations of families.

Sport Wheels show floor used bike inventory.

In the bike business for almost 50 years, we have seen the waves of style and fashion come and go. Bikes have become much more mainstream than in the ’70s. We have made lifelong friends through motorcycles. Our longtime loyal employees are a huge asset on our balance sheet and in our hearts. Joe, CJ, Bill, Jim, and on and on this list goes.  

Now, the baton has officially been passed 2nd generation….What a blessing.


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