"5 to 55"  Sport Wheels From Kim's Perspective

"5 to 55" Sport Wheels From Kim's Perspective

Often, folks who stop into the shop and ask me, “So, how long have you worked here?” My reply is, “Well, I kind of came with the place.” Not many people, girls especially, get to grow up in a tight-knit motorcycle community business and say they get to sell motorcycles for a living!

My earliest memories of being a part of things at the shop was at our #1 store in St. Louis Park, the original Sport Wheels. At age 5, I remember when my dad decided that the floor needed painting. It was a Saturday afternoon, and we painted ourselves right out the front door at 7102 W. Lake Street. The picture above shows how some of my younger years were spent when there was still work to be done, but I was ready for bed! 

Since the start of this business in 1971, there have been many industry changes over the course of 50 years. From the start of classic motorcycle auctions to the internet to fuel injected bikes to the introduction of electric motorcycles! My folks worked hard to make this dream work. Myself, my husband, my family and many of our employees & their families have benefited from their "give it all you’ve got" ambition. It has been a group effort, for sure! From sweeping the floors to dusting bikes, organizing spark plugs, going to college and coming back to take on many more responsibilities, Sport Wheels has taught me much. I lovingly refer to her as “Sister Sport Wheels.”

I am truly thankful for an approaching milestone of 50 years in this family business. If you’ve stopped by and bought a part or a motorcycle from us, my sincere thanks to you for patronizing a family dream.


Kim (Kannenberg) Bones

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