This Video of Our Parts Yard Went Viral!

This Video of Our Parts Yard Went Viral!

Sport Wheels Video Goes Viral

Over the years, many of our customers have become dear friends. So when our friend L.A. Nik showed up for a day of "play" in the parts yard, he decided to take a video while he was out perusing the salvage yard inventory. Joking that he "lost his 10mm socket somewhere around here," Nik took a sweeping cell phone video of the massive amounts of inventory and casually posted it to his Facebook page. 

What happened next took us totally by surprise. The short video (about 95 seconds of footage) began to go viral. As of the writing of this blog, the video has been viewed over 890,000 times and shared over 8200 times. 

Some of the comments were quite entertaining...


"I need to live near this place. You lucky bugger!"

"I feel like I've died, and went to heaven. I have to go to this place."

"Where is this wonderland?"

Many thanks to Nik for making and sharing this fun video! If you're looking for a rare part or motorcycle, give us a call. We'd love to help you with your search. 


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